Studio B provides consultancy and develops visionary concepts into design. We design across a whole spectrum of graphics and interactive media, exhibition, textile, interior and photography. Since 1998, we have grown as a multidisciplinary team of designers and developers and creativity is achieved at its best. We also collaborate with a design studio Atelier Permantier and Issacana Gmbh based in Germany.

From collaborations of creative inspiration to a fusion of ingenuity and experience, Studio B transcends traditional techniques to exceed all expectations. Excellence has always been our standard, whether we are designing with silk threads on fabric or colours in a virtual space.

The edge of the studio lies in the fact that the client is always involved in the entire process of ideation to research, visualization to process and ultimately to the development of the project.

Since we have a team of experienced designers and developers, we have been able to successfully execute many projects across so many continents and countries.

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